About Tokyo
Tokyo is a sprawling city spread over 837 square miles and with a population of over 12 million people, is one of the world’s largest cities. Tokyo can be divided into several key areas, Ginza, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, just to name a few. Each is centered around a train/subway station. Life in Tokyo revolves and evolves around railway stations, it’s where you find the department stores, shops, restaurants and many tourist sights.

Airport Transfers
The main airport, New Tokyo International Airport (Narita), is located some 40 miles outside the city. Transportation to town is available by train, bus and taxi.

The Narita Express (N’EX) train provides direct service from/to several train stations in Tokyo. The main problem with this train is what to do with your luggage. Train travel with luggage is not recommended because the walk through a train station can be several blocks long with many stairways to negotiate. The locals ship their luggage to/from the airport, but for foreign travelers this isn’t practical. Even if you have a Japan Rail Pass, we don’t recommend traveling from/to the airport by train.

Taxis aren’t within the budget of most travelers. The ride can easily cost upwards of $200 one way and there is little room for luggage.

bus Airport Limousine Bus
Most tourists ride the Airport Limousine Bus. It provides frequent service and takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to reach most major hotels in Tokyo. Because it provides door-to-door service, your luggage (2 pieces per person) is not a problem. Our Tokyo package includes pre-paid transportation (bus coupons) on this bus to/from your hotel.
bus Green Tomato Airport Shuttle
Providing door-to-door service to any hotel in the Tokyo area is the Green Tomato Airport Shuttle. This is a 8-Passenger shared van service. Your driver will greet you as you exit customs and escort you to the van loading area. The waiting time is usually under 30 minutes and they try not to stop at more than 3 hotels during any one trip. The transfer includes 2 pieces of luggage per person. This service is available to/from any hotel in the Tokyo area.
Trains & Subways
Tokyo has an excellent train and subway system, so all of the hotels we offer are close to a station so you can take advantage of the rail system. It is by far the most economical and efficient way to get around Tokyo.

The primary train is the JR Yamanote Line, it circles the city and stops at all of the key stations. Numerous subway lines branch off from these stations providing access to all parts of the city.
Yamanote Line

Window Display

Hotel restaurants are usually very expensive, not a good choice if you are traveling on a budget. Local restaurants, found in abundance around any railway station, offer more moderate prices (by Japanese standards) and a chance to sample the local cuisine.

Many restaurants have a display case with plastic replicas of the dishes they serve along with the price.
Many coffee shops serve a set breakfast, called “morning service” for around $5 to $7. It usually consists of a small salad, toast or bun, a hard boiled egg and a cup of coffee. Some restaurants even offer you a refill on your coffee (others charge for refill so be careful). This is a real bargain when you consider a cup of coffee alone can cost between $3-$5 without refill. Expect to pay $25 and up for a buffet breakfast in hotel restaurants.
Teishoku Lunch And Dinner
Set meals are offered at many restaurants, usually available for both lunch and dinner. For a set price, called “Teishoku” in Japanese restaurants, you get soup, rice, pickles, a main course and tea. Western style restaurants call it “set course” (seto korusu), meal includes an appetizer, main course, coffee/tea and sometimes even dessert. In inexpensive restaurants expect to pay around $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner.
Department Stores
Department stores are also very popular among tourists looking for an inexpensive meal. Most department stores have a food court or an entire floor of restaurants, usually located on one of the top floors. But the real bargains are located in the basement where prepared food is sold. You will find many Japanese food items like sushi, tempura and yakitori, Chinese food and Western cuisine, all pre-cooked and ready to eat for you to take away. You can purchase an entire meal for about half the price of a restaurant meal and the added bonus of free tastings/samples.
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