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Maneki Nekko JAPAN
Land Of The Rising Sun
Maneki Nekko
Japan, the Land Of The Rising Sun. Just the mention of the name conjures up images of Samurai warriors, women in kimonos, sushi and Bullet trains. A country where ancient ways reside side by side with the 21st century.

In Japan the East meets West with a certain Japanese flair. Take a walk through Ginza and you will see a McDonald's restaurant just down the street from the Kabukiza Theater where you may watch a performance of Kabuki, which has a 400-year history in Japan.

Journey to Kyoto by riding on an ultra modern Shinkansen (Bullet train) at speeds up to 180 miles per hour. Stroll through the back alleys lined with shops where craftsmen still handpaint paper lanterns or turn simple bamboo into chopstick holders and serving dishes.

Enjoy a sushi lunch at a restaurant where the sushi circle the tables on a conveyor belt or take in a Japanese baseball game where you may not find any hot dogs but they do sell bento lunches, noodles and sake.

There is so much to see and do in Japan and with the Japanese yen trading more favorably with the U.S. dollar, this year is a perfect time to visit the Land Of The Rising Sun.

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