Yoshi-ima Ryokan

Address: Hanamikoji West, Shimmonzen
City: Kyoto
Zip: 605
Country: Japan
Phone: [81] (075) 561-2620
Fax: [81] (075) 541-6493
Category: First Class
Style: Traditional Japanese Ryokan
Rooms: 20

Ryokan is a Japanese word for Inn. Yoshi-ima is a traditional Japanese Inn, all rooms are floored with "tatami" (grass mats) and are fully equipped with a private bath and toilet, hair dryer and Yukata robes. Your room is used as both dining and bed room; after dinner, your maid will prepare a "futon" (sleeping mattress) for each person on the "tatami" floor. Your futon will be stored away again in the morning.


Yoshi-ima is located in the area known as Gion, an attractive part of the city known as Geisha and Maiko quarter. The street in front of the ryokan is a famous shopping street of arts and antiques.

Hotel Facilities
There is a traditional Japanese tea house on the premises surrounded by a Japanese garden.

The only negative feedback we have received regarding this ryokan is that the service does not come with a smile. Staff being unfriendly have been reported more than once.

However, it should also be noted that this ryokan is very reasonably priced and does offer a complete ryokan experience. We would prefer a friendly staff but still feel this ryokan offers good value for your travel dollar.

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Food & Beverage
You will enjoy authentic Japanese food (dinner & breakfast is included daily) served in a traditional way in your room.