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If Tokyo is the pulse of Japan then Kyoto is surely her heart and soul. The seat of Japan’s imperial court for over one thousand years (794-1868), during which time Japan’s culture flourished. Magnificent structures and gardens were created during various periods since the 8th century and many have been well preserved.

Today, Kyoto is home to over 20% of Japan’s national treasures, including several UNESCO World Heritage sites, magnificent temples and shrines, a fascinating geisha quarter and numerous museums. Kyoto should be first on your list of Japanese cities to visit, whether you are a first time visitor to Japan or a frequent guest.

Kyoto doesn’t have an airport, the closest international airport is Kansai International Airport located in Osaka, about 3 hours away by car. Kyoto is also accessible by Shinkansen (Bullet train), it’s about a 3-hour ride from Tokyo.

These are a few of our favorite hotels that we would be happy to incorporate into a Japan itinerary designed especially for you.

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